Smart Wiring

8-Zone Hardwire Expander – Addressable Zone Expander

Residential Smart Wiring for Your B & B Protected Home

The company that keeps your family safe at night, B & B Alarms, is a smart wiring expert in the GTA area. It is about time that researchers have found new innovations for old plug-in wall outlets, and smart wiring is the answer. This is a sound investment in the future, because of the incredible adaptability it provides to residents of Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington.

A network of electric wires and fiber optic cables runs trough a home to outlets. Those outlets can be adjusted with simply a screw driver and a little help from a smart wiring expert. This ease of change means that an outlet that once served as a television cable can serve as an Internet plug or a phone line. It used to be that these services required radically different cables.

Adaptability is an investment in the future, but it also helps B & B Alarms to do its job. This wiring could integrate into future security offers. A CAT 6 line is also less vulnerable to people trying to steal information through a wireless signal. B & B Alarms offers an 8-zone hardware expander and an Addressable Zone Expander that allows smart wiring to work with home security cameras.

These types of adjustments should be done by a smart wiring expert, but the reward is a security camera system that does not rely on external cables or a computer that has to be situated close to the front door. Internal wiring is harder for a thief to destroy. It is also more flexible, because it allows cameras to be installed anywhere in a house.

B & B Alarms has a smart wiring expert on hand who can install this security system. They can also refer a home to quality and inexpensive third party providers who can install a smart wiring network in a home that does not already have the benefit.