Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family. Modern alarm technology has made it easy to create a central panel for monitoring your entire home. B & B Alarms has been making a great residential networking system for customers in the Toronto area since 1995.

Nothing destroys the sanctity of a home more than an intruder. Bad memories remain. B & B Alarms can help prevent your peaceful abode from being ruined.

Modern technology has provided numerous mobile tools to help you protect your loved ones: a simple remote or fob can send out a danger signal to notify security that you need help. This can be the difference between life and death for children, women or senior citizens.

Parents can share files from their homes or offices. The modern residential networking system fits into your busy lifestyle with 24/7/365 protection.

The carbon monoxide alarm protects your loved ones against unseen dangers. The motion detector will warn of you any intruders.

The peace of mind gained from a residential networking system is profound. With 24-hour security monitoring, everyone sleeps a little better. Fire, burglary or medical emergency protection is vital nowadays.

A residential networking system is a necessity. B & B Alarms provides superior security products. The world is a little less dangerous with a B & B residential networking system. B & B Alarms serves the communities of Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. Call to make your loved ones safer.