Crimes occur 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, burglars and thieves know that you can’t keep an eye on your business every hour. When setting up an alarm system, B & B Alarms recommends incorporating cameras into the configuration. Intruders often stakeout the areas that they will attack and learn patterns for the best times that business owners and workers are gone.

B & B Alarms offers high-tech security cameras that catch thieves in the act if they decide to follow through with a crime. Often times, setting up an alarm system with cameras will intimidate burglars and make them think twice about stealing from you. We also carry cameras that can be set up in individual rooms throughout office buildings. Keeping watch over an industrial area where valuable equipment or merchandise is kept will provide a business with the extra security that’s needed.

Security cameras come in many different styles. B & B Alarms is proud to carry night vision cameras that add extra protection when you need it the most. These cameras can be strategically placed around buildings and offices so that criminals can see them or get caught in the act when committing a crime. Burglars often strike at night so having night vision cameras at your industrial business is a wise choice.

Different types of cameras will offer various features. B & B Alarms has professional technicians that are experienced in setting up various alarm system and camera configurations in all area’s of the GTA including Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville.

Our team of experts at B & B Alarms is the best choice to call on when you require a security alarm system with cameras and added protection for your business.