Card Access

• 16 on-board zones • Expandable up to 128 zones using hardwire, wireless modules and addressable zones • Supports up to 16 hardwired keypads • 8 partitions • Expandable to 64 wireless zones • 1,500 user codes (4 or 6 digit) • 3,000 event buffer • 9 account and 3 phone numbers • Built-in telephone line and siren supervision • Auto SIA and Contact ID formats • Supports GSM and T-Link™ alarm communicators • Full upload/download support with DLS software

B&B Alarms has been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since 1995. We are the company that local businesses turn to for their security needs. Business security has come a long way from the days of primitive smoke and fire alarms. Today, it is a high tech, comprehensive endeavor involving many different factors. B & B Alarms GTA is on the cutting edge of its industry.

B & B Alarms GTA features an industrial & commercial access control system. Access control systems control where employees are authorized to go in your building. A card access system will prevent internal theft and keep unauthorized individuals from entering your facility. It is a crucial feature to have for employee security. This is important because it allows you make sure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Purchasing an industrial & commercial access control system is one of the most intelligent moves any business owner or manager can make.

B & B Alarms GTA also offers many other security devices. These include fire alarms, monitoring cameras, and an intercom system. A properly functioning fire alarm will quickly alert everyone inside your building and allow a quick evacuation to occur. Security cameras help deter and prevent illegal and unauthorized behavior, such as shoplifting. Intercoms are a very useful method for quick communication during an emergency. All of these devices are important for any organization to have. They are most effective when accompanied by an industrial & commercial access control system.

B & B Alarms GTA offers the best industrial & commercial access control system in the industry. No one can protect your Toronto area business better than B & B Alarms GTA. Experience the difference for yourself. Contact B&B Alarms today and schedule a consultation.