Business security today is much more than fire and burglar alarms. It’s about an integrated network of services and technology that helps electronically protect your assets and your employees.

We offer integrated services of access control, digital video systems, a full range of intrusion and environmental protection systems. Whether you are a small business or a fortune 500 company, B & B Alarm understands that the security needs for every business are unique. We take the time to help design the business security system that’s best for you.

Your business might be in need of a simple burglar alarm, fire alarm or perhaps a complex digital video surveillance system in any situation, the talented sales and technical teams at B & B Alarm can tailor a security system to meet you business’ needs.


Protection you business from fire is an increasingly sophisticated proposition. B & B Alarm integrates all the leading technologies available into out Fire Alarm System in order to help electronically protect business of any size from the threat of fire. 24- Hour monitoring, including sprinklers, with trained staff ready to react to any trouble at your business.

Fire Alarm Systems


Video Systems have proved to be one of the most important weapons in improving security, safety, and deterring crimes such as shoplifting, robbery, and internal theft. Our equipment ranges from traditional time-lapse recorders and multiplexers, to the latest emerging technologies, such as computerized surveillance systems. These systems are quickly becoming the technology of choice primarily due to their superior performance and cost effectiveness. The computerized surveillance system is designed to replace the traditional multiplexer, VCR, and tape with a computer.

Camera Systems


Access control is vital to providing a safe and secure environment. Restricting access at specific entry points to authorized people is the basic definition of access control. The process of designing an access control system that meets your needs involves mixing appropriate technology with facilities management and existing construction environments.

Card Access
B&B Alarms Inc. leads the way in providing 24 hour security monitoring to ensure peace of mind. With the extreme importance of 24 hour a day monitoring, we at Security Alarm Systems realize that state-of-the art technology and trained concerned employees are key to getting help fast in the event of a critical situation, such as, fire, burglary, or hold-up.