Home security is more important now than ever before. Tough economic times have led to an increase in home invasions, burglaries and other property crimes. Often these crimes take place becomes homeowners have neglected to install security systems in their property. As an added service to their clients builders can pre-install alarm systems in the homes they build at a negligible to cost both to them and the homeowner. B & B Alarms can provide alarm systems for builders for a lot less than they might imagine. All the builder has to do is contact us and they will receive all the information they need.

Community security systems are something many builders fail to take into consideration when building homes in a new community. By installing security systems they can protect the homeowners and add value to the homes in the community. Many builders do not have experience with security systems. They may think it is the responsibility of the homeowner to protect their homes and families. However if a builder takes the time to contact B & B Alarms they may be surprised to learn they can get significant discounts on community security systems and security systems for individual homes.

Everyone wants to protect their homes and their loved ones. Many plan to install security systems in their homes once they move in and get settled. Unfortunately criminals often act before the homeowner does. By taking advantage of the discounts for alarm systems for builders offered by B & B Alarms construction companies can protect the homeowners and improve their company’s standing in their eyes. Often the homeowner will gladly pay any additional cost to ensure their home and family is protected from the very first day they move into the property. They would also be so grateful to the builder for providing the pre-installed security system the homeowner would recommend the builder to their friends.

B & B Alarms serves the entire Greater Toronto Area and is rated as one of the top residential and commercial security systems installation companies.

We have installed the alarms which protects thousands of residential and commercial properties in Mississauga, downtown Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The security systems we install include alarms, audio systems, cameras and intercoms to make sure the families, workers and assets in those buildings are safe. With our alarm systems for builders we are working to ensure the people who move into the properties being built are protect from day one.

Our community security systems help to ensure that the entire community is safe. When our alarm systems for builders is combined with our community security systems people in the entire community can rest assured intruders will be kept at bay. Companies that take advantage of our alarm systems for builders and our community security systems can resell them to the property owner at a significant mark up and let them know their safety is important to you. Call us to schedule a free security analysis.